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Give me 50 rented smiles
You're living in America, at the end of the… 
7th-Jun-2007 09:59 am

Alphabet City

You're living in America, at the end of the millenia...

and you're not alone.


The year is 1995.

The colorful residents of The East Village in Manhattan are facing the issues which challenge poor Bohemian artists in the mid-90s.Drug abuse, HIV, prostitution, starvation, death, life, and love. However, they find that they aren't alone, friends are all around, and there is always coffee to be drunk, issues to be discussed, and art to be created, good and otherwise.

Come join our cast of canon and original characters, featuring a strong sense of community and creativity and find that you're not alone either.

We are now taking applications for Maureen!!!! This will be our sixth Maureen since we opened, we've had a lot of trouble keeping them, for some reason. Every single one we've had has been wonderful and very active right at the start, then seems to wander off and we'd like to keep one writer in the role long-term, so if you're interested in playing Maureen, please come by and fill out an application. (PS: since our last one wandered off, our Joanne decided to have an affair. Plenty of room for drama!!)

Other notes: Based on the Broadway musical RENT, set post-canon, though slightly AU to keep Angel alive. We have a great group of OCs who are keeping the plot moving and changing quickly, and we always welcome new writers and OCs with open arms.

Board Rules - Roleplay Rules - Application Rules - Character List

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