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Give me 50 rented smiles


50 Rented Smiles
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Welcome to 50rentedsmiles!
First of all, I'd like to give recognition to 50kinkyways and cky50words for being two of the first to do this. Much love.

Step one: Click "Join this community" and wait for approval.

Step two: If you are going to accept the table, post a comment here and claim your pairing. Pairings can be slash or hetero and duplicates are allowed.

Step three: I will approve the claim and you will post the table in a post in your journal, giving me the link here.

Step four: Begin writing! ^^ After you have finished all prompts, comment here and you will recieve a prize (art, banner, etc.).

Additionally: If for some reason, you change your mind, you may unclaim here.

Once you have gotten your prompts, you can write as slow or fast as you want. Each prompt can only be used for each member once. Post whenever you want. All stories must stick to your claim and you can use old fictions you have written before. Don't forget to include warnings and all that jazz!


1. All ratings allowed, but rating must be posted!
2. Minimum word count is 100 and above. 100 word posts are useless.
4. All posts must include:
Word Count:
Author Notes:

1.Dark 2.Storm 3.Handcuffs 4.Cufflinks 5.Sky
6.Music 7.Daiquaris 8.Disney 9.Lesbians 10.Eyes
11.Techno 12.Fan Fic 13.Autumn 14.Happy 15.Sad
16.Closet 17.Lightning 18.Black & White 19.Heat 20.Scarf
21.Mandolin 22.Drums 23.Mice 24.Hate 25.Porsche
26.Flapper 27.Tattoo 28.Bunk Bed 29.Lust 30.Tofu
31.Lips 32.Air Conditioning 33.Cheating 34.Peircing 35.Sunset
36.Red 37.Smile 38.Smell 39.Sunrise 40.Why?
41.Secret 42.Bubblegum Pop 43.What? 44.Skateboarding 45.Breakfast
46.Writer's Choice 47.Writer's Choice 48.Writer's Choice 49.Writer's Choice 50.Writer's Choice


What about deadlines?
No deadlines at all. This is a work-at-own-pace project.

If I pick a pairing, does every fic have to have that pairing in it?
Not exactly. If you pick a pairing, then all the fics must have both characters in it, but the relationship does not need to be the focus of every single fic. For example, if you chose Mark and Roger, you could write a fic that’s almost all about Mark, but there has to be at least a passing mention of Roger somewhere in there. If you choose one character, that character must be the focus of all the fics, but in any pairing you want.

Are friendship "pairings" allowed?
Yes yes! ^^ Thanks to scots_in_kilts, the friendship option is available!

Can I claim just one character?
Of course! Singles are perfectly okay.

Are OC characters okay?
The only way I really see OCs being used are in single claims, but if you can find a way of using one in a pairing, then go ahead, but remember, the pairing you picked must have reign in the fic. So, yes, OCs are okay with some limitations.

What ratings are allowed?
Any and all.

What is the minimum word count?
One hundred words is minimum to count as a fic. You can write a series of haikus, or a poem, if you want.

When do I post? All a once or one at a time?
As you finish them.

Are fake cuts okay?
Yes, but please don't link to a locked entry!!!!

How many pairings/singles can I claim at once?
As many as you want. But you have to work on them both at the same time.

What is the policy on AU?
Anything goes...write whatever hits your fancy.

Do we have to post them in order?
You don't have to post them in any order.

Does the word have to be in the fic?
No. The fic simply should at least suggest the word. Any take on the word. Don't feel the need to stick to the implied meaning.

Can I use more than one prompt in one fic?
No. One prompt per fic. That way you have 50 fics, which is rather the point of the challenge.

And love to my lovely moderator: western_skies *muah*

Much love,